Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of tutoring do we use?

In our partnership with Alpine Union School District, tutors teach their students through learning pods. This method allows students to ask the tutor questions in an office hour-like format. Using this approach will allow the tutees to learn from each other and benefit from a classroom-like setting. We also have traditional one-on-one tutoring: each tutor is paired with a tutee for a more personal approach. This method ensures that tutors can pay close attention to their students in order to create a more effective learning environment. Scroll down to see how our pairing process works! In addition to our learning pod and one-on-one modes, we are always talking to mentors and teachers to improve our methods of tutoring. As a student-run organization, we believe that there is not only room to grow no matter what stage of life we are in, but also in different tutoring and learning methods! Because everyone learns in different ways, we hope to accommodate that and be flexible in our methods.

What platform do we use for tutoring?

For traditional one-on-one tutoring, we use Microsoft Teams to connect tutors with their tutees. Microsoft Teams allows us to track tutor and tutee interactions for safety, privacy, and volunteer hours. This is preferred over Zoom, given the past Zoom-bombing incidents with our tutors’ college classes and tutees’ middle school and high school classes. We provide training for our volunteer tutors so that they know how to use the platform. When a tutor is paired with a tutee, we ask the tutor to send an email with a link to the meeting on Microsoft Teams so that the tutee doesn’t need to make a Microsoft account! If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

How does our one-on-one tutor-tutee pairing process work?

In our tutor and tutee interest forms, we ask for the times at which they are available and which topics they are comfortable with tutoring or need the most help in. We pair our tutors and tutees based on their availability and preferred topic, and it is up to the tutor and tutee to decide how often they would like to meet and how to best accommodate the tutee’s needs. Our goal is to pair tutees with tutors who are most compatible in both availability and preferred topic. It is a process that we put a lot of care and time into, so it may take a couple of weeks since we are also a student-run organization. Please see our Contact Us page and email us if your tutee has not heard from us within 14-20 days.

Does it cost money to have a tutor assigned to me?

No, everything is free! We make no profit and our tutors, along with the leadership board, are volunteer college students who are also in the midst of their college experience.

Where are our tutors from?

While Tutors 4 SD is based in San Diego, all of our tutors are college students from across the nation! Most of our tutors are from California, but we also have tutors based in Texas, Georgia, and Maryland. We are always welcoming volunteer tutors, no matter the location.

Who can be a tutor?

Our tutors are primarily current college students. We make sure that our volunteer tutors undergo comprehensive training and have signed contracts to ensure that they are qualified to effectively tutor students.

What are the responsibilities of a tutor?

Tutors must be reliable, punctual, and communicative. They should be able to commit to a regular schedule in which they meet with their tutee via Microsoft Teams to provide guidance. Additionally, tutors must be understanding of the various circumstances and backgrounds of their students.

What if my class schedule changes as a tutor or a tutee?

Since both our tutors and tutees are students, we understand that classes change after a semester, trimester, or quarter. We will restart the tutor-tutee pairing process during winter break (mid-December) where tutors and tutees can let us know their class and schedule changes. We are still in the process of finalizing the process.

What if I still have a specific question?

If you still have a specific concern or question, or would like to provide feedback, please visit our Contact Us page.

Why is the Google Form for interested tutors/tutees closed?

If either form is closed, we would like to first and foremost thank you for your interest and patience. Since Tutors 4 SD is a student-run organization and we pair tutors and tutees by hand, we may need to temporarily close the Google Forms to catch up on the pairing process. The Google Forms will open again 2-3 weeks after they were closed, so keep an eye out!